Past Workshops

Fall 2019

  • Investment Roles in Startups
  • Launching Startups in the IT Industry

Spring 2019

  • The Modernizing of Business with Reveal Modern
  • Pitch Perfect with Chris Westfall

Fall 2018

  • Art of the Side Hustle
  • Finding Your Idea
  • Tapping into the crowd: Crowdsourcing 101

Fall 2017

  • How to Start a Restaurant: A panel of local restaurant owners answered questions from the audience on topics like service & service training, marketing & social media, menu & pricing, real estate, and creating the fine dining experience.
  • Social media and Your Small Business: Experts in the social media industry spoke about content strategy, branding & social media campaigns, working your network, and bootstrapping.
  • Entrepreneurship in Real Estate: Local real estate business owners discussed how they got started in real estate, making the sale, real estate investment, and commercial real estate.
  • Starting a Nonprofit: Three panelists answered questions from the audience about starting a nonprofit, fundraising, effective community development, and more.
  • How to Pitch a Brilliant Idea: US National Elevator Pitch Champion Chris Westfall engaged the audience to learn how to communicate in a way that is clear, concise, and authentic.
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