Whether you are still working on a business plan, completing product development, or already operating a business, LAUNCH is designed to meet the unique needs of each founder and company. Included in LAUNCH is Startup Aggieland’s Business Incubator, aimed at supporting entrepreneurs that are ready to make or have already made the leap of starting and operating their own company. The Business Incubator program has been designed to meet the unique needs of each company and founder and support the advanced planning, launch, and growth of startup companies around a previously validated product, technology, or other business idea.

In our LAUNCH programs, you can expect to:

  • Continue your entrepreneurship education via workshops, guest speakers, and other events targeted at the needs of early-stage startup companies.
  • Be part of a collaborative environment of entrepreneurs that promotes peer learning and the sharing of challenges, resources, and successes.
  • Be paired with world-class mentors that can provide expert advice and assistance specific to your business.
  • Have access to a network of professional service providers with expertise in the areas of intellectual property, legal, fundraising, marketing, and more.

LAUNCH programs are open to all currently enrolled students, as well as faculty and staff at Texas A&M. However, application and acceptance is required. For more information on LAUNCH programs and how to apply, please contact us.

Application Process and Deadlines

We are no longer accepting applications for the Startup Aggieland Business Incubator. Applications are open annually from July 1- July 31 and are only accepted during this time.