Deadline to apply for the Startup Aggieland Business Incubator is Friday, September 14.

Launch Overview

Whether your team is still preparing to launch or is already operating a business, Launch is designed to meet the unique needs of each founder and company and provide you with access to the resources needed to launch and operate your startup. Also included in Launch is Startup Aggieland’s Business Incubator. Aimed at supporting entrepreneurs that are ready to make the leap of starting and operating a new venture, the Startup Aggieland Business Incubator supports the advanced planning, launch, and growth of startup companies around validated product or business opportunities.

Startup Aggieland Business Incubator Overview

Startup Aggieland’s Business Incubator has been developed to support the advanced planning, launch, and growth of startup companies around a previously validated product or business.

By participating in Startup Aggieland’s business incubator, you will have access to co-working space, technology, expertise, and other resources needed to launch and operate your startup. Whether you are still preparing to launch or are already operating a business, the incubator is designed to meet the unique needs of each founder and company.


Startup Aggieland’s business incubator program will enable you to:

  • Continue your entrepreneurship education via workshops, guest speakers, and other events targeted at the needs of early-stage startup companies.
  • Be part of a collaborative environment of entrepreneurs that promotes peer learning and the sharing of challenges, resources, and successes.
  • Be paired with world-class mentors that can provide expert advice and assistance specific to your business.
  • Have access to a network of professional service providers with expertise in the areas of intellectual property, legal, fundraising, marketing, and more.
  • Have 24/7 access to Startup Aggieland facilities and equipment, including co-working space, 3D printers, and more.

Eligibility & Requirements

The business incubator is open to all currently enrolled students, as well as faculty and staff at Texas A&M. Individuals or teams interested in joining the incubator must provide sufficient evidence of work that has been done to evaluate product-market fit around the business opportunity they intend to pursue. Applicants are strongly encouraged to have completed Startup Aggieland’s Startup Runway, the National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps (I-Corps), or other programs designed around Lean Launch Methodology and the Business Model Canvas. Individuals already involved in an early-stage venture in need of the support and services available through the Business Incubator are also encouraged to apply.

At the beginning of each semester, teams accepted into the program will be required to develop both short and mid-term goals. Teams will also be expected to attend monthly team meetings with their peers and establish regular meetings with their designated mentors.

Participants should expect to commit a minimum of 20-25 hours per month working on activities related to their startup. If participants consistently fail to meet program requirements, they will be asked to exit the program.

Startup Aggieland Seed Funding

The Startup Aggieland Seed Fund provides funding for individuals and teams accepted into the Business Incubator. This funding is intended to help teams advance their ventures to the next level and can be used to cover expenses such as legal fees, materials for prototyping, professional services, consultants, and company-related travel.

Startup Aggieland is not currently accepting applications for the seed fund. Please check back in the fall for more information on the eligibility, evaluation criteria, and application process.