Once you are convinced that entrepreneurship is right for you, Startup Aggieland can help you take that next step and pursue your entrepreneurial interests. Our pre-accelerator program, Startup Runway, is specifically designed to enable you to discover and validate the feasibility of launching a startup company around an idea or product. Through various workshops, mentorship and programs such as Startup Runway you will discover what it will take to turn your idea into a business.

Startup Runway

Through a combination of curriculum, mentoring, and other experiential opportunities, you will learn how to identify potential customers, understand their needs, and define the value your product or service must provide in order to be a viable business. Ultimately, completing the Startup Runway program will cultivate your understanding of how to find which market your product or service fits, if any, and evaluate whether a startup company should be formed.

Startup Runway Objectives/Deliverables

Through Startup Runway, you will:

  • Learn and apply the principles of Lean Launch Methodology in order to evaluate an early-stage product or business idea
  • Develop and validate a Business Model Canvas based on data gathered from customer discovery
  • Be able to effectively communicate the business opportunity for your new idea or product
  • Generate sufficient data to make an informed “Go/No-Go” decision about your idea or product
  • Develop fundamental knowledge and skills that will prepare you for participation in other programs at the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Have access to Startup Aggieland facilities, including co-working and meeting spaces

Startup Runway Eligibility

Startup Runway is open to all currently enrolled students at Texas A&M. Students who apply should be able to identify a business idea or product they would like to evaluate and possibly pursue after completion of the program.

Students without an idea or team members are strongly encouraged to apply. Startup Runway is designed to allow for students to find an idea they would like to work on, as well as identify prospective team members.

Students accepted into the program will be required to attend specified program events, lectures, workshops, and monthly cohort and mentorship meetings. Teams will also be asked to provide updates to their peers and monthly progress reports.

Application Process and Deadlines

We are not currently accepting new applications for Startup Runway. The next cohort will begin in Fall 2019. Please check back for more details on deadlines and how to apply.

To find out more about our programs and how you can become a part of the Startup Aggieland community please complete our short survey so we can follow up with you! Select “Pursue” if you’re interested in becoming a part of Startup Runway.