Analytics Day 2022

Thanks to all who attended the 2022 Analytics Day Livestream. Below, you’ll find the presentations as well as a recording of the keynote. We hope to see you in Analytics Day 2023!


Alfredo Escriba
Chief Technology Officer-Executive Board member at Kapsch TrafficCom AG

Alfredo is the Chief Technology Officer and Executive Board Member at Kapsch TrafficCom AG.  He has 20 years experience in transportation and related fields such as tolling and autonomous and connected vehicles.  He holds a masters degree in Irrigation and drainage systems, rural engineering, an MBA and a masters of analytics from Texas A&M Class of 2017.  His capstone project was recognized as Honorable Mention for the Roland Acra overall best capstone project and was also recognized as a rising star in analytics for pioneering in his industry. 

Keynote Overview:

Data is one of the key transformers of the transportation sector. From the future of autonomous vehicles to the day-to-day of traffic management operations or the future of tolling, data analytics, and machine learning. The availability of data is changing the industry, but it also has its challenges. Alfredo Escriba will be talking about concrete examples and use cases of how data is being used today, its potential applications and its reality in the transportation business.

Keynote Stream


Patty DelaFuente
Data Scientist-Public Sector, NVIDIA

Experienced Data Scientist with recent experience in the federal arena. Active member of Texas A&M MS Analytics Advisory Board. Adjunct Faculty for Graduate Data Science Program at University Maryland Baltimore County. Having lots of fun exploring machine learning, AI, and GPU programming capabilities.

Accelerating Data Science with NVIDIA GPUs and RAPIDs
GPUs are not just for gaming. Patty will discuss why GPUs are essential tools to accelerate analytics at scale and provide a brief overview of NVIDIA hardware and software including RAPIDS.
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Ziad Katrib
COO, BKO Services

Ziad specializes in developing and deploying industry-grade machine learning applications. He has led cross functional teams that use cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to deliver pragmatic solutions for business problems. He is an expert in applying machine learning and deep learning to event detection, sensor data, and turbine performance optimization for industrial systems. He also advises leaders on transforming business processes using AI in the industrial space.

Fan-yun Yen, PhD.
Data Scientist at BKO Services, Inc.

Dr. Yen holds a Ph.D. from the University of Houston in Biomedical Engineering.  He currently serves as a Data Scientist with BKO Services which provides Data Engineering, Machine Learning, and OSIsoft application development services for the O&G, Power, processing, and manufacturing industries..  He has a bachelors degree in biomedical engineering. 

A deep dive into best practices for scaling data science along with practical stories. Ziad and Fan-yun will discuss use cases focusing on deploying analytics throughout an enterprise. We will cover open source tools and do a show and tell around Seeq, an Enterprise platform for industrial time series data.
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Jordan Gross
Software Engineer

Jordan is a software engineer at a major technology company in the Austin area where he has worked for 10 years.  He has an Economics degree from Texas A&M where he served in the Corps of Cadets and later enrolled in the Masters in Analytics class of 2021 where he was awarded a rising star award for pioneering analytics in his industry.  Prior to his masters in Analytics he completed a coding bootcamp at the University of Texas.  

Feature Engineering: Applying Domain Knowledge to Improve Predictions
Rarely are the datasets available to us perfectly suited to solving our problems. By utilizing domain knowledge we can create extract additional features from datasets to improve our predictions.

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Capstone Showcase

Jason Strouse '22

Mr. Strouse graduated from the University of Texas in 2008 and started his career working for National Coupling Co. as an Engineering Specialist.  In 2012, Mr. Strouse left National Coupling and joined Wood as an Integrity Management Specialist. His work includes the development of risk assessment workshops/FMECAs/HAZIDs, incorporating Integrity Management activities for subsea applications, and has helped in the development of work scopes regarding the inspection, monitoring and testing of offshore assets. He has also worked on industry best practices to ensure the safety and continued operation of offshore oil and gas assets throughout the product life cycle.  Jason is scheduled to graduate in May 2022 with his Masters in Analytics from Texas A&M.

Capstone Overview:
Defect Management:  Using Analytics to Predict and Manage Risk
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Sebastian Vizcaino '22

Mr. Vizcaino has a BBA in Marketing from Loyola University in New Orleans.  He works for Ship Tracks as a sales and marketing representative.  Previously he was a data administrator for LevelSet, a payments service.  He was a member of a finalist team in the Mays Humana Health Data Analytics competition in 2021.  He enjoys Python programming. Sebastian is scheduled to graduate in May 2022 with his Masters in Analytics from Texas A&M. 

Capstone Overview:
Peeking into Maritime Industry Economic Influence by Estimating Operational Capacity at Key Anchorage Locations
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