Transformational Stories: Barbara T.

Barbara L. T. P.E. ’19

After a career of over 30 years in the oil & gas industry including design, project management, business unit leader, business development and strategy, she entered the Masters Analytics program at Texas A&M University to broaden her access to the industry agnostic field of data analytics.

A Career Enhancing Opportunity:

Barbara’s goal was to leverage her leadership and project management skills in order to lead strategy and implementation of Digital and Big Data transformations for clients. Within her roles in Business Development and Strategy Creation, Barbara has been responsible for acquiring and analyzing industry trends, customer feedback, R&D planning, and new product roll-outs.

On Working with Like-Minded Individuals:

Barbara has a thorough knowledge of engineering design and has been an active participant in project teams. This background was integral to her success in the program:  she estimates more than 60% of the analytics curriculum requires team directed solutions for both homework and semester project assignments.  Her capstone project was sourced by the University for an outside client that requested assistance in planning market penetration for its products. Led by the principal capstone project coach, Dr. Ed Jones, Barbara joined two other classmates in creating prediction models for market growth/shrinkage for this client.  The successful capstone project was well received by both the University advisors and the end client.

Looking Ahead and Staying Competitive:

Upon graduation, Barbara will continue in her career as a business manager in the oil & gas sub-sea production system segment.  She now has additional analytics tools to set her apart from her peers.  She will use these tools in improving client identification, project outcomes and market analysis.

Aggie Analytics Applies to All Industries:

Barbara is the co-founder of a non-profit that teaches persons with disabilities to scuba dive.  This non-profit, Dive Pirates Foundation, is in its 15thyear of operation. She will also use these skills to assist her non-profit in finding new donors and other sources of income through the power of analytics.