Transformational Story: Diego M.

Transformational Story:

Diego M.’18

Diego is a reservoir engineer working at an Oil and Gas company in the Advanced Analytics and Emerging Technologies (AAET) team.

How MS Analytics Transformed Diego’s Career

The MS Analytics program allowed Diego to expand his skills by combining his domain expertise in petroleum engineering with acquired knowledge in statistics, data engineering, machine learning and predictive modeling, creating a very powerful combination immediately translatable into solving business problems, and allowing Diego to participate and play a meaningful role in the company’s digital transformation.

An Advanced Skillset

Diego is today the product owner of IPSO, a digital oil field platform for production surveillance and optimization which combines data-driven and physics-based model to monitor the health of the company’s onshore producing wells, understand performance, detect problems and optimize production. This platform is used across multiple assets in the organization, includes more than a thousand wells, and it has realized significant tangible and intangible gains for the company.