The MS Business curriculum offers a strong foundation in the basics of business, with courses in accounting, business communications, career management, entrepreneurship, finance, information systems, leadership, management, marketing, and supply chain management. The curriculum will be organized into five educational blocks. The first block occurs in the summer. The remaining four blocks are divided between the fall and spring semesters.

During the first block of classes, students kick-start their experience by learning how to create value in a business and developing the self-awareness to succeed in a job search. Coupled with co-curricular experiences throughout the program, students will be equipped to enter the workforce with a unique and powerful skill set. Two unique aspects of the curriculum include the BUAD 720 (Integrated Business Experience) course and a 7-10 day study abroad trip as part of the BUAD 715 (International Business Environment) course.

Integrated Business Experience

In the Integrated Business Experience (IBE) course, students will create a business and organize a service entity which will enable them to learn business by doing business. During one semester, students will identify a product to produce and sell, identify and organize a leadership team to form a business, create a business plan, seek startup funds from a loan officer, execute a marketing plan, sell their product and collect payments, and pay vendors (and other expenses). At the end of the semester, the profits from the business are donated to a local, non-profit, charitable organization.

International Business Environment

During spring break, the students in the program travel internationally for a study abroad experience as part of the International Business Environment course. In addition to regular coursework taught by the faculty member, students will learn from guest speakers and tour local companies.

Course Sequence

The 18 courses will be delivered across the 5 educational blocks as follows.

Block 1 (Summer 2023)

BUAD 700 Value Creation (2 credits)
BUAD 701 Business Collaboration (1 credit)
BUAD 702 Career Management (1 credit)
MKTG 705 Market and Customer Insights (2 credits)

Block 2 (Fall 2023)

BUAD 702 Career Management (1 credit)
ACCT 705 Accounting for Business Results (2 credits)
MGMT 705 Strategic Human Capital (2 credits)

Block 2 – 3 (Fall 2023)

BUAD 705 Business Communications and Professional Presence (3 Credits)
BUAD 720 Integrated Business Experience (4 Credits)

Block 3 (Fall 2023)

ACCT 710 Accounting for Managerial Decision Making (2 credits)
FINC 705 Corporate Financial Decisions (2 credits)

Block 4 (Spring 2024)

MGMT 710 Crafting Business Strategy (2 credits)
ISTM 705 Information Management for Decision Making (2 credits)
MKTG 710 Strategic Marketing Decisions (2 credits)
SCMT 705 Global Operations (2 credits)

Block 5 (Spring 2024)

BUAD 710 Ethical Decision Making and Conduct (2 credits)
BUAD 715 International Business Environment (2 credits) [3]
FINC 710 Entrepreneurial Finance (2 credits)


[1] The BUAD 705 course is taught across blocks 2-5 in the program. The four (4) credit hours for the course are assigned to Block 2 for tuition and fee billing purposes.

[2] The BUAD 720 course is taught across Block 2 and Block 3. The four (4) credit hours for the course are assigned to Block 2 for tuition and fee billing purposes.

[3] The BUAD 715 course includes a study abroad field trip.