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Flourish is an IBE company focused on promoting positivity in yourself, in friends and the environment through minimalistic, trendy jewelry and no-waste packaging that can be planted to grow wildflowers.


Our products include the Flourish Necklace, (16in gold plated chain with a juniper berry seed), and the Flourish Bracelet, (7in gold plated chain with a juniper berry seed). Both items include a promo code to send one to a friend for free.

flourish products

What non-profit organization did your company work with for service hours?

We donated 64 hours of service to The Sandbox at Madeline’s Place, a non-profit that helps promote positivity and supports suicide prevention in our youth. Their motto is to “Be Kind, Be Honest, Speak Up.” They are located in Hutto, TX.

What did you do for service?

We helped the Sandbox create a “shopping” room where youth could come and exchange clothing and get stylish clothing to wear. We installed an entire closet system and organized the room to look more inviting. Lastly, we organized their sports closet.

What is the name of the non-profit to which you will donate?

We donated $1,085 to The Sandbox at Madeline’s Place.

Do you have any additional information you would like to provide?

We have a “Get one, give one, grow one” theme and also promote the idea of blooming where you are planted. All proceeds will go to our charity. Our charity plays a large part in why we are doing what we are doing.