Pack-tical Essentials

Pack-tical Essentials is an IBE company owned by college students that know what other college students typically use throughout the academic year. This experience-based knowledge allows us to create care packages that fulfill the needs of the typical college student.


We offer three care package: Essential Package, Premium Package, and Bundle Package.

Our packages include Food, G2-style pens, Index Cards, Post-it Notes, Chapstick, Old Spice/Secret brand deodorant, Crest toothpaste, Extra gum, Emergen-C, Scantrons, Band-Aids, Lysol All-Purpose Spray, Tide Pods, Small Tylenol Bottle, Halls cough drops, Listerine Mouth Wash, Coffee Mug and Hot Cocoa, Toilet Paper, and Kleenex Tissues.

What non-profit organization did your company work with for service hours?

We donated 49 hours of service to the Brazos Valley Food Bank.

What did you do for service?

We created food boxes for families, sorted food products into categories, and cleaned and organized the facility.

What is the name of the non-profit to which you will donate?

We donated $873 to the Twin City Mission Domestic Violence Shelter.