The Ripple Effect

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The Ripple Effect is an IBE company that is committed to making a difference.


Our product is incredibly soft and trendy apparel that is great for working out. The large logo on the shirt represents the rippling effects that occur when a drop of water lands in a pool.

Ripple Effect Product

What non-profit organization did your company work with for service hours?

We donated 70 hours of service to Americares, a health-focused relief organization that is the global, non-profit leader for donated medicine and supplies.

What did you do for service?

Our team represented Americares by speaking to organizations about how they could help raise money for our non-profit.

What is the name of the non-profit to which you will donate?

We donated $5,071 to Americares (see below for additional information about our overall financial impact). Our customers chose to contribute relief efforts to the following disasters that occurred or were ongoing from August 2017 to December 2017:

  • Hurricane Harvey (56%)
  • Hurricane Maria (23%)
  • California Wildfires (11%)
  • Syrian Civil War Conflict (7%)
  • Hurricane Irma (3%)

Do you have any additional information you would like to provide?

The ongoing relief effort for disasters that occur around the world is a marathon, not a sprint. Join us to make a Ripple Effect impact. Each t-shirt you purchase provides $200 of medical relief aid. This is possible through our partnership with Americares and the corporate matching donors they have arranged.

As a result of a #GivingTuesday multiplier (5X) and the corporate matching gifts arranged by Americares (20X), our $5,071 contribution resulted in $507,102 of medical aid for our chosen relief efforts!