STEM to Stocks Club

The STEM to Stocks Club is a subsidiary of the MS Finance Program which provides a platform to teach and mentor high-performing freshman and sophomore Engineering and other STEM students about business and how it will enhance their future engineering careers.


Recruitment begins at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. Contact if you are interested in joining.

Perks of Being a Member

  • Financial Business Lectures
  • Exclusive access to Mays Business School clubs & events
  • Career Readiness Workshops
  • Access to Masters-level faculty and students
  • Exclusive MSF Recruiting Opportunities

Meet the President

Chris Russell
Chemical Engineering '23, MSF '24
Hometown: Bellaire, TX
MSF Application Year: Sophomore

Summer 2022 Internship:
Summer 2023 Internship:
(713) 204-2385