See what our former students have to say about the Program:

Biomedical Engineering:
“As someone with an engineering background, the MSF equipped me with the business and networking skills necessary to transition into the corporate world. Not only did the MSF program teach me a lot about Finance, it also taught me how to market myself to potential employers despite having a major that wasn’t traditional for most of the jobs I was applying for.”

– Rishika Raja, Biomedical Engineering ’17, MSF ’18

1st job after MSF: Ernst & Young (Consulting)
Chemical Engineering:
“After my MSF I was able to begin my career in a role that had much more responsibility than a standard engineer would normally have. Only through the program was I able to show my employer that I am not only able to provide the technical knowledge needed for the job but also the financial capabilities to set annual budgets and create an in depth analysis of projected returns and associated risks.”

– Omar Mikawi, Chemical Engineering ’17, MSF ’18

1st job after MSF: Bryan Research & Engineering, LLC (Consulting)
“The MSF Program gave me the opportunity to combine the theoretical side of economics with the technical, more practical aspects of finance.”

– Kyle Glaesmann, Economics ’18, MSF ’19

1st job after MSF: Goldman Sachs (Financial Services)
Electrical Engineering:
“I knew I wanted to be in the tech industry and didn’t want to stay in engineering for my entire career. The MSF gave me the opportunity to switch over to business very early, and I found that companies, like Dell, were excited to employ someone with the technical knowledge and problem solving expertise that can apply it in a corporate finance setting.”

– Derek Richards, Electrical Engineering ’18, MSF ’19

1st job after MSF: Dell (Corporate)
Industrial Distribution:
“The MSF put me in front of the right employers with more than enough preparation to succeed. The bulk of the classes may not be until the last year, but you hit the ground running as soon as you're admitted, and the companies that you dream of working for love to see that.”

– Nick Stefani, Industrial Distribution ’18, MSF ’19

1st job after MSF: Goldman Sachs (Financial Services)
Industrial Engineering:
“The MSF degree enabled me to secure a Management Consulting role with PwC where I will use my ISEN quantitative background and my finance/business. The MSF program diversified my skillset and started my career in financial consulting.”

– Daniel Martin, Industrial Engineering ’16, MSF ’17

1st job after MSF: PwC (Consulting)
“During boot camp MSF provided an ample amount of resources, workshops, and case studies which made me a competitive candidate during recruitment season. The skills sets I learned from the MSF, soft and technical, helped me launch a successful career. ”

– Priyanka Shah, Math ’18, MSF ’19

1st job after MSF: KPMG (Consulting)
Mechanical Engineering:
“The MSF program perfectly equipped me for the finesse and polish needed to navigate the finance recruiting process and job hunt. My engineering degree taught me how to work hard but the MSF program taught me how to allocate that hard work to its most efficient use.”

– Heath Bromley, Mechanical Engineering ’16, MSF ’17

1st job after MSF: Prudential Capital Group (Financial Services)
Petroleum Engineering:
"The MSF program helped introduce me to the possible ways of leveraging my engineering education towards a career in finance. The program's focus on both technical and soft skills gave me a leg up in launching my career.”

– Spencer Porsch, Petroleum Engineering ’18, MSF ’19

1st job after MSF: Barclays (Financial Services)