Target Audience

Students enter the MSHRM Program for Professionals program in Houston to grow their potential within the field or even to make a career shift to Human Resources. The program is ideal for individuals with 3 or more years of work experience.

Some students already have an undergraduate degree in Human Resources and have worked within the field, but neither is necessary.  We seek a student population consisting of various undergraduate majors and work experiences.  Our curriculum and classroom experiences are uniquely designed to be appropriate for those who are quite familiar with the field of HR and those who are new to it entirely.

We are looking for applicants with the following attributes:

  • Successful post-graduate work experience: Strong applicants exhibit strong leadership traits, even if they do not presently hold a managerial position. These individuals also have a history of introducing new ways of thinking or efficiencies to their organizations.
  • Potential for contributing to the learning experience: We evaluate applicants on their passion for learning and intellectual curiosity to determine whether they will add value to classroom discussions and contribute to their peers’ learning.
  • Ability to work in a team environment: Strong applicants understand how to work effectively in teams and collaborate with others.
  • Ability to balance an academically challenging program, ongoing career responsibilities and personal life: Successful applicants display a professional demeanor and exhibit time management and planning skills in order to successfully handle the multiple demands on their time.