Departmental Scholarships

Competitive scholarships for incoming students are typically in the amount of $1,000 – $2,000 and are divided into two equal payments for the first two semesters of study. Non-resident students who are awarded a departmental scholarship also receive a non-resident tuition waiver for each semester of the award and will be assessed the resident tuition rate for those semesters. An applicant’s admissions application also serves as the application for scholarships. Selections are made on a competitive basis and are announced via e-mail in early-to-mid March for incoming students.

Continuing students are invited to apply for scholarships each spring semester for funding in the following fall and/or spring semesters. These continuing students scholarships are provided by corporations, as well as former students and friends of the Department of Information and Operations Management. The scholarship amounts and eligibility criteria differ from one award to the other. Students will be notified via e-mail when the application cycle opens. Awards are usually announced in early April.

Mays Business School Scholarships

Mays Business School also offers a number of scholarships for students at various stages of their undergraduate careers.  Information on these opportunities is available on the Mays scholarships page.

In addition, financial assistance is available for qualifying students through scholarships, grants and loans at the university level.  Please visit Texas A&M’s Scholarships & Financial Aid site for more information on these opportunities.

Teaching Assistantships for Graduate Students

The department offers a  limited number of graduate assistantships each semester.  The criteria for selection are based on the department’s need and the student’s qualifications.  To hold an assistantship, graduate students must maintain full-time student status (9 semester credit hours during the fall or spring semester, 3 semester credit hours per five-week summer term). Students who are on academic probation are not eligible for an assistantship.

The department automatically considers all prospective students who receive an admission offer to the MS-MIS program for these positions. For prospective students, an applicant’s admissions application also serves as his/her application for graduate assistantships. Graduate assistant selections are made on a competitive basis and are usually announced in early March.

For current MS-MIS students, the student services office solicits applications for graduate assistant positions as they become available each semester.