Compare Programs

Prospective students often have questions about the design of Master of Science in Marketing program. The two most common are about the program length and the difference between the MS-Marketing program and an MBA program.

Program Length
The Master of Science in Marketing program offers two options in program length:

  • Sixteen-month program: This program is designed for other applicants who are not undergraduate students at Texas A&M.

Differences Between the MS-Marketing Program and the MBA program
Students who are considering a graduate degree in business often ask about differences between our program and the MBA program. The differences include:

  • Focus: The MS-Marketing program is specifically designed for students who have an undergraduate major or minor in business and who wish to concentrate their studies on marketing. The MBA program’s emphasis is on a wider range of business courses (such as finance and accounting).
  • Analytics Certificate: The MS-Marketing program allows students to earn a Certificate in Analytics, if so desired, as part of the 36-hour program.
  • Credit hour requirements: The MBA program requires students to take 48 credit hours regardless of their undergraduate major. The MS-Marketing program allows students who completed the core business courses during their undergraduate program to complete a 36-hour program. Students who have not completed these core courses take four core business courses during the first year in the MS-Marketing program.
  • Work experience: The MBA program requires students to have at least two years of work experience after earning an undergraduate degree. The MS-Marketing program does not have this requirement.