The curriculum for the 10.5 month MS Marketing program is being updated and will begin June 2020.

The TENTATIVE course topics are as follows:

Summer Semester: Boot Camp

  • Data-driven Marketing
  • Research for Marketing Decisions
  • Marketing Metrics and Accountability


Fall Semester: Principles

  • Marketing Strategy and Innovation
  • Marketing Analytics for Marketing Decisions
  • Buyer Behavior
  • Marketing Consulting I


Winter Semester: Service

  • Applied Marketing Projects to Advance the World’s Prosperity


Spring Semester: Capstone

  • Data Visualization
  • Delivering Service Excellence*
  • Branding*
  • Marketing Practicum

*Healthcare Alternatives: The Business of Healthcare, Improving Service Quality in Healthcare, and Healthcare Tech


For information on current courses, please visit the Texas A&M eLearning Portal. Copies of each course syllabus can be found in the marketing department office (220 Wehner). Choose an option below to find out more about individual marketing courses:


*Please note that this program is not STEM designated.