Application Process

Tip: Incomplete applications will not be considered. A completed application includes GRE/GMAT scores, current resume, essay and all transcripts from every college attended.

Please note:  The minimum GPA and GRE score represent the minimum qualifications for program consideration.  Achieving two minimum scores doesn’t guarantee admission to the MSF Program.


Application RequirementsDesired Outcome
Undergraduate TranscriptMinimum Cumulative GPA: 3.0
Blended GPA's are accepted.
GRE/GMAT scoresMinimum Quantitative score: 70th percentile
Unofficial scores generated upon completing the exam are accepted.
Scores should be sent to Texas A&M via the following codes:
- GRE: 6003
- GMAT: 7B7-K9-0
ResumeProfessional resume preferred:
- Relevant experience
-Include any job/internship held since attending college
- Competitive athletic/extra-curricular/hobby experience
EssayAnswer the question, “Who in the business world do you most want to model your career after and why? How do you believe the MSF Program will help you follow in this person’s footsteps?”

Please focus on someone you would like to emulate, not just someone you admire.

The essay should be double spaced and 2 pages max. You may write about someone who you know personally or someone who is a well-known business leader.