MSF Senior Start

Texas A&M Seniors: Maximize Career Opportunities!

Maximize Your Career Opportunities: Through the MSQF Senior Start Program, students will begin their full-time MSQF year directly after undergraduate graduation.  While we strongly encourage students to apply and be accepted during their sophomore year, we do have a few spots reserved for senior applicants.  Students are provided extensive resources to ensure a successful launch in their career. Some of these include, but aren’t limited to the exclusive access to the Mays Business School Career Management Center to assist students in preparing for career search, along with networking opportunities within each MSQF cohort and elite MSQF Advisory Board Companies.

Additional Benefits for Seniors: 

  • Career:  Seniors who are admitted into the program can choose to have their resume reflect they are admitted to the program, which can assist with final internship recruiting.
  • Coursework: After admission into the program, students will complete one graduate course during their senior year.

More Specific Information:

Prerequisites: Students are required to have ECON 202 or 203 AND ACCT 640 (same course as 229).  You are encouraged to complete ACCT 640* in Spring of your Junior Year if at all possible.  You will need it to take another ACCT course your senior year.  We do accept AP and transfer credit.  You must have had a B or higher if there was a grade associated with the course, or if it was taken at Texas A&M.  *For ACCT 640 in the Spring, we will register you for the special section for MSF.  It’s online and asynchronous.  Please contact the MSQF Program for more details.

Eligibility: Students must be a current rising senior student at Texas A&M College Station and have had at least 1 good internship (commercial, non-educational entity*) in order to be eligible to apply for Senior Start.  Focus will be placed on (in order of importance):

  1. Resume strength (internships primarily)
  2. Career focus & maturity
  3. Career goals
  4. GPA
  5. GRE scores

Senior Start Program Outline: After admission, students will immediately take 1 MSQF course during senior year. Upon graduation go out on their final internship (June 1st –  August 1st window), and then return to complete FINC 601 Financial Analysis Practium (3 credits) and Math 689:  Math/Stats Camp (3) in an August mini-mester (Boot Camp) before starting the Fall semester full-time in the MSQF.

*MSQF Program has final discretion and approval for whether an internship meets program eligibility standards.