Mays graduate student Daniel O. Reyes recently received a $5,000 scholarship given by the National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) and the Hispanic Scholars Fund (HSF).

The Harlingen native is earning a master’s in management information systems at the Mays College and Graduate School of Business. “It’s really nice to receive an unexpected grant to finance my education, especially since I’m supporting myself in grad school,” he says.

Reyes believes he was chosen to receive the award, funded by NSHMBA and Lockheed Martin, not just because of his academic progress and leadership abilities. But also because of his commitment to community service — something he plans to continue in the future.

“I love children, and I love teaching,” Reyes explains. “For years I’ve volunteered to help in various programs that work with kids, most recently for Helping One Student to Succeed and America Reads.”

Reyes also worked for two years with the Bush office in Houston, an experience, he says, that taught him the importance of public service. “I think NSHMBA gave me this award because they view philanthropy as a cyclical process,” he says. “They’ll help me, and I’ll help future generations.”