Tossing horseshoes is usually a hobby reserved for Saturday picnics and lazy afternoons. But, it has become a pastime two former students in the college’s Business Fellows Program won’t soon forget.

Adam Hutzell, an ’02 accounting graduate, and Josh Pierce, an ’01 finance graduate, paired up late last fall to compete in the first annual George H. Bush horseshoe pitching competition.

After losing in the first round, the Fellows pair came back to advance to the finals. But, the next opponent wouldn’t be as easy — going up against the former president and his grandson.

“We played our hardest, but they totally demolished us in the first round,” says Hutzell. “It was close in the second round, but they were definitely better than us.”

While pitching horseshoes, Hutzell had the opportunity to find out Bush’s strategy. “President Bush told us that when he was in office, he had horseshoe pits built behind the White House because he enjoyed playing so much,” says Hutzell. “But when Bill Clinton became president, he had them torn down. Now, George Bush Jr. is having the pits rebuilt again.”

Even though Hutzell and Pierce walked away from the tournament without the first-place trophy, Hutzell says the experience is one of his most memorable at Texas A&M.

“It was a lot of fun,” he says. “I was able to have very personal interaction with a former president, which most people can’t say they have ever done. If I had gone to college anywhere besides A&M, I might not have ever had this experience.”