When the Business Fellows program recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary, it was cause for a true fiesta. Since its inception, the program has prepared hundreds of business students for their careers, helping them develop leadership, communication and teamwork skills.

Featuring a live mariachi band and a Mexican food buffet, the reunion provided former Fellows the chance to reflect on the past and share experiences and advice with current Mays students.

“Fellows recognizes its anniversary every year, but this one is especially important because it’s the twentieth anniversary,” says Matt Swallow, a junior finance major who helped organize the event. “The reunion is a great networking opportunity and gives former Fellows a chance to see how much the program has changed. But our main focus is just to make sure everyone is having a great time.”

Yet for many former students, interacting with other classes was a large part of the reunion’s success. Audrey Burch, a class of ’93 marketing major, says she was impressed to find the same type of people she remembered from her Fellows experience.

“Even though A&M’s campus is so much different than when I was in school, the people never seem to change,” Burch explains. “Fellows taught me many lessons that I was able to use later on, and I don’t think that part of the program has changed.”