In a shrinking universe, the world is your backyard, and the first rule of being a good neighbor is to get to know the neighborhood. And, through the Mays College’s Center for International Business Studies (CIBS) 38 MBA and master’s students will do just that this summer.

“Globalization is the current watchword,” said Julian E. Gaspar, director of the center. “The world is becoming increasingly integrated, and although globalization has always existed, it’s increasing at a faster pace. Trade and investment barriers are being brought down as more and more countries throughout the world embrace free trade and the free enterprise system.”

This movement opens tremendous opportunities yet poses incredible challenges for business, Gaspar added. That’s why it is imperative Mays students are exposed to the world business scene — in order to gain respect and adapt to different cultural, economic and political environments.

Making the world their classroom, the graduate students will study international business as part of one of four programs in Germany, France, and India. The four international experiences scheduled for this summer share a focus on educating American graduate students about the cultural, political and economic factors that make each country’s business environment different and about effective strategies for conducting operations in each setting.

“The Mays College encourages as many students as possible to participate in these opportunities to study abroad,” Gaspar said. “Employers today are looking for people who can work in diverse environments, and these overseas educational programs give students a chance to dip their feet in international waters.”