A user-friendly Web site is now online to help public school teachers address international issues in their classrooms thanks to a $100,000 grant from the Bank of America Foundation.

The grant is part of the Scholastic Assistance for Global Education (SAGE) program, which is housed in the Center for International Business Studies.

SAGE’s goal is to provide Texas social studies teachers with globalization training and teaching materials. Providing such resources will help advance the quality and depth of international education of Texas students in grades K-12, according to Larry Wolken, finance professor and SAGE program director.

“Having easy access to these knowledge modules and internationally oriented educational materials and resources will prepare K-12 social studies teachers throughout Texas to teach the international component of their classes,” he observes. “The site makes it possible to reach beyond the educational limitations of textbooks in terms of what material is studied, how information is presented and the ease in keeping materials current and costs down.”

To learn more about the SAGE program, visit their Web site at http://sage.tamu.edu.