Marketing students didn’t dare doze off in class when Steve Moore ’79 came to visit. Not just because of the great Aggie stories he could tell. Rather because Moore is an example of marketing savvy at its best.

His track record includes serving as vice president and director of worldwide sports with Coca-Cola (managing Coke’s World Cup and Olympic programs). Now, Moore is senior vice president of International Management Group, overseeing the brand transformation of Wembley National Stadium in London, England.

While much of his discussion focused on market research and brand, he shared with students some of the lessons he’s learned along the way.

“To be a great marketer, you have to think about things differently,” says Moore, who earned his BBA in marketing in 1979 and MS in finance in 1981. “Every good marketer I know listens better than they talk and they also have very specific goals. If you don’t have goals, it’s a recipe for disaster.”