Accounting professors from across the nation ranked Mays’ graduate program in accounting 10th in the nation. This is the first time the graduate program was ranked in the national survey, which is conducted by the journal, Public Accounting Report.

Mays’ undergrad program in accounting came in 14th in the survey, moving up from its previous ranking of 19th.

While the accounting programs have long been recognized by organizations for graduating talented students, Department Head Jim Benjamin says this national recognition is essential to moving the programs forward.

“I don’t think these rankings are the result of any short-term changes,” says Benjamin. “Instead, I think they reflect our long-term activities. We have been a leading source of hires for the Big 4 public accounting firms over an extended period of time, but we are not as well known nationally yet.”

One of the highlights of the department is its Professional Program, which is highly sought by Mays students. This program enables students to combine their BBA in accounting with a master’s degree in finance, accounting, information systems or marketing.

While many business schools offer similar programs, Benjamin says Mays’ is unique in that it equips students with business skills, not just analytical knowledge. In fact, this year the department sponsored Profession at Crossroads specifically for fifth-year students in the Professional Program.

The weekly series brought to campus members of the Financial Accounting Standards Board and Accounting Standards Board, senior accounting firm partners, officials of the Securities and Exchange Commission, bankers, ethics experts, lawyers and corporate CEOs.

“Traditionally, accounting programs have focused on technical facts and details rather than skills,” he says. “Our Professional Program develops skills in the areas of communications, problem solving, teamwork, leadership and technology.”