Two Mays MBA teams were selected from among 3,825 teams to participate in the third annual L’Oréal e-Strat Challenge. First-year students Lisa Buckley, Kim Davis and Mathew Van Alstyne comprise team Joie de strategie, while Amit Jain, Jay Rege and Kapil Sarin are competing as team Planetz.

Of the teams that registered, 820 were selected to compete, including 87 teams from the United States. L’Oréal and StratX, designers of marketing and business strategy simulation applications, developed the virtual marketing game specifically for MBA students.

Participating teams control a virtual beauty company and a portfolio of brands. They compete for worldwide leadership against four other virtual companies run automatically by the simulation.

Buckley, Davis and Van Alstyne’s team, Joie de strategie, was ranked 35 in the United States and 287 in the world after four rounds of competition. Jain, whose team was ranked 63 in the United States after the fourth round of competition, says he is gaining valuable experience applying theory and making practical decisions in a highly competitive situation.

Another Texas A&M team, Strategists, is also competing, including industrial engineering students Hardik Parekh and Rawal Paras and computer science student Rishit Gautan.

Winners will be announced in April at the International Awards Ceremony in Paris.