Ray Miles, chief executive officer of Rajko Associates, jumpstarted a thought-provoking dialogue with Mays MBA students during his recent visit to campus. His discussion, “Real-Politik of Doing Business Abroad Post 9/11 and Iraq War,” addressed the many issues that impact global business in today’s environment.

Miles’ presentation focused on understanding the human psyche for war and peace, global perceptions and cultural differences. He believes it’s critical for MBA students to understand the correlations of such issues and the business marketplace.

“This issue matters a ton. Why? Because in the end we are in a global economy and we very much affect that economy,” says Miles, who previously served as president of Communication Services, a division of EDS. “Plus, I believe to change the mindset of the people who commit terrorists acts, we have to engage one-on-one in this dialogue.”

Miles has many years of experience with international businesses, having led marketing and engineering for the embedded systems division of a Sarajevo-based Energoinvest conglomerate. He has also held positions within British Telecom in the United Kingdom.

Miles serves on the Board of Directors and Audit Committee of Forgent, the American Council on Germany, the Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations and as a StarTech mentor for start-up companies.