Communicators in Mays’ Office of the Dean were honored at the recent Counsel for the Advancement and Support of Education, Region IV District Conference in Houston. Pam Wiley, Lara Zuehlke and Dean Jerry Strawser received an Award of Excellence in the institutional identity programs category for “Mays Business School Brand Initiative.”

Zuehlke and Wiley were also honored at the International Association of Business Communicators’ Brazos Bravo Awards with an Award of Merit for the 2003 issue of @Mays, Mays Business School’s annual print magazine.

Bringing home top honors, a Brazos Bravo Award, at the annual ceremony were Robert Beals and J.P. Beato with the Real Estate Center (REC) for their photograph, “Living With Mold.” They also received two Awards of Excellence in design for the center’s annual report/calendar and magazine, Tierra Grande. The REC staff also won an Award of Merit in the magazine category for Tierra Grande.

REC’s Nancy McQuistion received an Award of Excellence in the writing category for her story, “Why Use a Real Estate Professional?,” while Randy Birdwell won an Award of Merit in the audiovisual category.