The West Campus Library will soon focus solely on the needs of Mays Business School, allowing Mays faculty and students to enjoy greater access to research and support materials.

Since opening, the West Campus Library has served Mays as well as the agriculture and life sciences departments, which are also housed on West Campus. Due to significant disparity between disciplines, this arrangement has prevented both groups from receiving optimal service, according to Michael Smith, West Campus Library’s interim director.

In an effort to improve service for both parties, resources and library staff that were dedicated to agriculture and life sciences will be relocated to the nearby Medical Sciences Library.

“The primary difference that students and faculty will notice is that there will be more room in the R.C. Barclay Reference and Retailing Center for business reference material,” Smith says, adding a set date for the transition process has not been established yet. “Additionally, our customers will also now be assured that the staff member helping them at our reference desk is a business generalist/specialist. Beyond these two outward changes, it is our intention to strengthen our relationship with Mays and to develop programs that directly support its mission.”

Smith emphasizes that even though changes will be made, all Texas A&M students, regardless of academic discipline, are welcome to use the library’s reference and computer resources and study spaces.