Ethics is clearly a hot issue these days. And at the American Marketing Association Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium hosted by Mays Business School June 16-20, marketing educators assessed the role of ethics in their discipline.

For many years in the business world, marketing ethics was treated as an afterthought, contended Dr. Gene Laczniak of Marquett University. Laczniak believes marketing ethics deserves attention because it plays a key role in “the obligation to articulate and reinforce professional norms and values, the centrality of trust to effective marketing and the payoff from marketplace integrity.”

Laczniak was one of four panelists who shared his insights during the “Ethics and The Marketing Educator” session at the three-day conference. Other panelists included Dr. Pat Murphy of the University of Notre Dame, Dr. O.C. Ferrell of Colorado State University and Dr. Peter A. Dacin of Queen’s University.

Panelists shared with the up-and-coming academics the how ethics impacts every decision faculty members make — from the integrity of journals in which their work is published to how they function within an organization.

The annual consortium featured more than 90 marketing doctoral students nominated to represent their universities in United States, Canada and Europe. It provided attendees the opportunity to network with each other and with established faculty from numerous universities.

Hosting the consortium also provided Mays faculty an opportunity to showcase the school’s facilities, as well as expose current and future academics to the university.

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