Telling students in February that only 25 percent of her job is buying, Bronstein outlined the aspects of the retailing industry that buyers oversee, from creating a business plan to developing a relationship with vendors to working with stores on merchandise presentation.Foley’s buyer Pat Bronstein gave students in Center for Retailing Studies Associate Director Cheryl Holland Bridges ‘ marketing class a sneak peak at her life balancing sales figures and keeping an eye on the latest juniors fashions.

It was Bronstein’s third semester to guest-lecture at Mays. She has 30 years of experience in buying and managing sales and is sought-after as one of the best buyers in the company to train and develop new retailing leaders. During the talk, Foley’s recruiter Jacob Rodriguez also presented the Center for Retailing Studies with a $13,000 sponsor check to help the center continue its programs in retailing education.

Bronstein also gave the more than 50 students gathered a glimpse at some items in Foley’s spring lineup for juniors. Laughing at the mixed reaction to her personal pick for a spring juniors edge-of-fashion seller — the knee-length Bermuda short — Bronstein said that with her years of experience in buying, she was afraid of not following her instincts.

“As a buyer, you have to follow your senses,” she said. “If you’re always going to be safe, then it’s never going to be anything fun. You just have to put the risk out there and test the waters.”