The Professional Program Office at Mays partnered with Austin-based Mirage Networks in late February to offer the expertise of the company’s best in a two-day IT series lecture, the first of its kind for the Professional Program.

Mirage Networks instructors reviewed with students general security issues including the myriad of worms, viruses and other malware that can compromise and steal organizations’ electronic information, often threatening to bring down entire enterprise networks. Instructors discussed ways to contain such threats with good security practices such as strategic network design, anti-virus software, patches and other security solutions. Mirage’s Chief Technology Officer and co-founder, Mark Wilkinson, was the lead instructor.

“As one of the leading accounting programs for recruitment by the Big Four accounting firms, Mays Business School sets a very high standard for its curriculum, instructors and students,” said Scott Olson, vice president of marketing at Mirage. “Mirage Networks is delighted to partner with Mays to help educate tomorrow’s business leaders about a critical component of standard business operations for the 21st century — protecting information by securing networks.”

Students enter the Professional Program the spring semester of their junior year. Upon completion of the two-and-a-half year program, students earn a BBA in accounting and a Master of Science degree in such fields as accounting and finance.