Director of Undergraduate Learning Assurance Tim O. Peterson is one of five selected to instruct as a master teacher for international business-school accrediting body AACSB and its conferences on teaching effectiveness. He’ll lead a discussion on innovative teaching and student learning during the first conference scheduled for March in Tampa, Florida.

The conference is designed to help academic scholars prepare for new AASCB accreditation standards and leadership initiatives, which require that student learning be assessed through measurable goals and outcomes.

Peterson is coordinator of Mays’ “Transitions” program, launched this fall in response to the new AACSB requirements. Peterson is instructing the pilot Transitions course with a cohort of business honors freshmen, who have been introduced to basic business competencies such as communication and problem-solving. The students are cataloging and reflecting on their progress in each area, or learning goal, in an online portfolio of class work and extra-curricular involvement.

In his session at the conference, Peterson will provide teaching techniques and instructional strategies for intervention in student learning. He’ll also serve as a consultant and mentor for the faculty members and scholars who attend the conferences.