More than 50 business undergraduates and MBAs journeyed to Omaha, Nebraska in late October to learn from investment hero Warren E. Buffett and tour model companies in his Berkshire Hathaway portfolio. It was the second year a group of students, through the Aggie Investment Club, made the trip to hear Buffett’s advice, eat steak with him at his favorite steak house, and ask for guidance about future ambitions.

For most, it was a lesson in humility and the importance of values in determining your success, said Chris Comish ’05, the 2005 MBA Association President. Buffett drives a Lincoln Town Car and lives in the same home in Omaha he first purchased half a century ago. And he invests in companies that share his values and that he can understand, Comish explained after meeting Buffett this fall.

“This is something we need to do every year, so everybody has this opportunity,” Comish said.

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