Starbucks is looking for 39 store managers and will need skilled staff for the 150 stores it expects to open in the greater Houston area over the next three years. That’s just one reason Starbucks recruitersdescended on Mays for the first time at this spring’s Retailing Career Fair.

The other? “We knew to expect this, but the students are professional and their questions for us are very poignant. They understand what we do and are finding out how they can fit it,” says Starbucks recruiting coordinator Heather Russell.

The Retailing Career Fair hosted a record 40 companies this February, the same month the Business Student Council brought 122 businesses and their recruiters to campus.

Senior management major Sharon McGowen said the Business Student Council Career Fair was a great starting point for her job search. “Companies are looking for applicants in my major, which helps a lot. It’s a big reassurance.”

H-E-B has been attending Mays’ career fairs for more than 10 years. Senior Human Resource Manager Andrea Sharayha says the company’s A&M alumni employees have proven track records and move up within the company. She also says that H-E-B appreciates the values that Aggie graduates bring to the job.

Another H-E-B recruiter, Unit Director Rich White, summed it up with a smile. “Who wouldn’t want an Aggie working for them?”