The average SAT scores of students invited to join the Business Honors Program has jumped from 1290 to 1403 over the past five years, and the average class rank isn’t far behind.

Last year’s crop of incoming freshmen chosen for Business Honors were, on average, in the top 4.4 percent of their graduating high school classes. This year’s group comes in 1.42 percent higher at an average rank of the top 2.98 percent.

Mays invited 105 of the total 243 freshman honors applicants to join the Business Honors program next fall. Of those accepted, about 72 are expected to join the class of 2010.

The academic statistics of the honors applicants have continued to impress. The class rank of those accepted for this fall’s Honors program ranges from the top 1 percent to the top 14.53 percent, and SAT scores range from 1250 to 1560. Among those selected for Business Honors are 15 valedictorians, 11 salutatorians and 13 National Merit Semi-Finalists and Finalists.

The diverse group invited to join Business Honors includes 10 Hispanics, two African-Americans, three Native Americans and six Asians and includes students from rural and urban areas across the country.

“The students selected for the Business Honors Program have done so much more than just excel in the classroom,” says Kris Morley, coordinator of the Business Honors Program at Mays. “They are leaders in their schools and in their communities. Their records of community service speak of their desire to make a difference to others. In addition, they are a talented and interesting group: They have traveled internationally, are gifted musicians and athletes, and several have started their own businesses.”