— Robert H. Allen ’50 was elected this spring as chair of the Baylor College of Medicine Board of Trustees. Allen, a Mays benefactor who recently pledged a $1.5 million estate gift to support an endowed scholarship program for business students, has served on the Baylor College of Medicine board since 1980.

Allen is also a former Texas A&M University System Regent. A private investor who has been instrumental in the startup of several natural resource companies, including Getty Resources Ltd., Allen retired as chair and CEO from Gulf Resources and Chemical Corporation in 1982. He is now the managing partner of Challenge Investment Partners, a diversified natural resources-based partnership.

— Joel Robert Lang, a 2004 MBA graduate, is the third in a recent string of Mays MBA students to be featured in BusinessWeek Online. He is profiled at:http://www.businessweek.com/bschools/content/jul2006/bs2006076_5470_bs049_0.htm. A simple registration is required to view Lang’s profile.

— Glenn B. Voss, a 1994 marketing PhD graduate and currently a visiting professor at UNC-Chapel Hill, and Suzanne “Zannie” Voss, a 1992 MBA graduate currently on faculty at Duke University, are winners in the Marketing Science Institute Research Competition on Nonprofit Marketing.

The duo, along with co-author Wooseong Kang, won $7,000 for their research proposal “Managing Dynamic Customer-Donor Portfolios: A Lifetime Value Approach.” The competition, co-sponsored by the Jagdish and Madhuri Sheth Foundation and the American Marketing Association Foundation, focused on the under-researched area of nonprofit marketing to encourage further study of the nonprofit sector’s marketing competencies.

— 2005 MBA graduate Thomas McMillan, a senior marketing specialist at Lowe’s corporate offices in North Carolina, was recognized this spring with the Lowe’s Unsung Hero Award. McMillan manages all of the commercial appreciation events and has developed a new standard of excellence in offer assortment, premiums, staging, advertising, vendor participating and event execution.