Texas A&M University System Regent Lupe Fraga, a 1957 Aggie business graduate, and his family have endowed $40,000 in scholarships to support under-represented business students at Mays.

The gift creates the Lupe “Champ” Fraga ’57 Foundation Excellence Award, which targets students including minorities and those from economically or educationally disadvantaged backgrounds.

“We have made significant progress in recruiting a diverse student body at Mays Business School,” said Dean Jerry Strawser. “Gifts like this from Lupe perpetuate the “Aggie Miracle,’ where an individual of modest means has the opportunity to receive a world-class education because of the generosity of a former student.”

The son of Mexican immigrants, Fraga attended Texas A&M on a baseball scholarship. He joined the Army, spending three years in France as a lieutenant before returning to Houston in the 1960s to purchase a small office supply company. Tejas Office Products, Inc., is now one of Houston’s largest minority-owned businesses, recording $13.75 million in annual revenues.

“I’m really excited about what Dean Strawser and his staff have been doing with Mays,” Fraga says. “I really believe in what the school is doing, and this is my family’s way of saying that someone is looking out for under-represented students and helping them out, like I once was helped.”

Fraga and his wife Irene have been married for 40 years and have three children and two grandchildren. Fraga’s son Stephen, a 1997 Texas A&M finance graduate and Tejas Office Product’s president, is the gift’s co-donor along with his wife Michelle. Lupe Fraga’s daughters are Michele Fraga and Alisa Kautzmann, who has two children along with her husband Frank.

Fraga, recently named Hispanic Business Man of the Year for the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s Region III, serves as board chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas’ Houston Branch and was aMays Outstanding Alumnus in 2003. He was sworn in as a Texas A&M University System Regent in May 2005.