meyers.jpgCharlotte and C. Fagg Sanford in front of the Wm. Hugh Meyer ’51 Classroom. In an April ceremony, Charlotte and C. Fagg Sanford gathered family and friends to cut the ribbon on the Wm. Hugh Meyer ’51 Classroom in the Wehner building’s first floor. The classroom, and the Sanfords’ $100,000 learning endowment, are named in honor of Charlotte Sanford’s father, a former captain of the Texas A&M football team.

Hugh Meyer was the captain of the Texas A&M football team, playing center in the late 40s and early 50s. “He was an absolutely committed, die-hard Aggie,” Fagg Sanford said, “and he was a very special man to both of us.”

As a former assistant professor of cardiology, Sanford knows the importance of education. He received his bachelor’s in chemistry from SMU, his medical degree from UT Southwestern and his post-grad from Washington University. He now oversees the business side of medicine with his cardiology practice in Tyler.

Charlotte Sanford, who has worked for the Baylor Medical Center and the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, now makes up part of the 96-member staff of her husband’s practice.

The Sanfords have three children—Lauren ’07, Christopher and Cynthia—to grace their 23 years of marriage. It was Lauren, a Mays management major, who first introduced the Sanfords to Mays and to business school practices.

—Staff Reports