giving.jpgMays now accepts credit-card donations

You make an impact everyday—often in small ways. It’s the extra time you take to help your child complete her homework. The details you pay attention to at work that make for a job well done. The hour a guest lecturer spends in front of a class, sharing on-the-job lessons in hopes it will one day inspire a student’s future success.

And, for Mays, it’s that extra donation that rounds out funding for a scholarship. The one-time gift that helps ensure one more student will have access to a small-group learning community and a place to belong. The spare donation that equals one more plane ticket for a group of MBAs traveling to compete in a case competition.

Starting this spring, Mays is accepting one-time gifts of $25 or more by credit card or e-check at Donors can designate their gift for the dean’s discretionary fund, undergraduates, MBAs or a program of their choice. All donations directly fund the business school’s programs and activities.

Small gifts of support can be the drops that form an ocean of Mays’ business education experience. These gifts fund scholarships for students, teaching support for faculty, and technology and facilities enhancements for the classrooms our students learn in everyday. Gifts of time and energy expose students to new concepts and advance their understanding of the daily practice of business.

Endowments form the anchor of Mays’ program funding, with endowments to create a permanent fund generally starting at $25,000.

But it all adds up over time—no matter the amount, all gifts touch some aspect of Mays and make it better for the students, faculty and staff who work together to fulfill the promise of business education.

Ready to support Mays? Here’s how:

  • Log onto
  • Choose online giving
  • Choose your funding amount (minimum of $25)
  • What would you like to support?
    • Dean’s Discretionary Fund: Your money will be combined with other donations to support faculty, facilities and technology enhancements, student group needs, etc. Choosing this option allows the dean to put your dollars to work on his most important projects.
    • Undergraduate Program: To fund scholarships and student learning opportunities
    • MBA Program: To fund scholarships, student learning and travel, and networking events
    • Other: Indicate what area you’d like to fund
  • Pay by credit card or e-check