June, 2007 | Mays Impacts - Part 2

ahmed1-lo-res.jpgAssociate Professor of Accounting Anwer Ahmed, a Mays Fellow, was recently appointed to the editorial board of Contemporary Accounting Research. The 23-year-old journal is a product of the Canadian Academic Accounting Association, serving a global audience with four issues a year.

Ahmed has been a referee for such journals as CAR, The Accounting Review and The Journal of Accounting. He is ranked among the top 200 out of 42,000 authors on the Social Science Research Network in terms of downloads of working papers. His current research interests cover the role of accounting in corporate governance, reporting of derivatives and earnings quality.

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Mays honored faculty and doctoral students for their outstanding teaching, research and innovative ideas in a semi-annual meeting this spring.

Summer teaching innovation grants, to fund hands-on and innovative ways of teaching in the classroom, were awarded to: Professor of Accounting L. Murphy Smith; Assistant Clinical Professor of Information and Operations Management Dwayne Whitten, a two-time teaching grant winner; and Associate Professor of Marketing Manjit Yadav.

Mays faculty fellowships for teaching innovations were developed to recognize and support those who have demonstrated past teaching excellence and continue to initiate new teaching concepts and industry connections that challenge students. Receiving this year’s fellowships are Detlef Hallermann, assistant clinical professor of finance and program leader for the Reliant Energy Securities and Commodities Trading Center, and Stephen McDaniel, professor of marketing and master’s in marketing advisor.

Summer research grants, to fund faculty research proposals, were earned by: Associate Professor of Accounting Anwer Ahmed; Associate Professors of Accounting Connie D. Weaver and Michael R. Kinney; Associate Professors of Accounting Weaver and Annie L. McGowan; Associate Professor of Finance L. Paige Fields; Assistant Professor of Information and Operations Management Ravi Sen; Associate Professor of Management Trevis Certo; Associate Professor of Management Laszlo Tihanyi; Professor of Marketing Sanjay Jain; and Assistant Professor of Marketing Alina Sorescu.

Mays also recognizes the service of its doctoral students each year in the areas of teaching and research.

Winning the Dean’s Award for Outstanding Research by a Doctoral Student are: Lale Guler in accounting; Julie Wu in finance; Tim R. Holcomb in management; and Thomas Dotzel in marketing. Recipients of the Dean’s Award for Outstanding Teaching by a Doctoral Student include Anup Srivastava in accounting; Semih Tartaroglu in finance; Christopher Reutzel in management; and Tarun Kushwaha in marketing.

Honorees of the Association of Former Students Distinguished Achievement Awards were also announced in ceremonies on campus in May. They are: J. Amanda Adkisson, clinical associate professor of accounting, for teaching; Annie L. McGowan, associate professor of accounting, for teaching; and Stephen McDaniel, professor of accounting and master’s program advisor, for graduate mentoring.

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Writers, designers and web gurus from Mays’ dean’s office and the Real Estate Center came home with five awards in late April from the International Association of Business Communicators’ Brazos Valley chapter. One of those awards included a “Brazos Bravo” (or best-in-category award) for the redesigned Mays intranet site.

Winners are:

  • Bob Beals, JP Beato, Kammy Baumann and Whitney Martin, Real Estate Center, Award of Excellence for Tierra Grande magazine
  • Bob Beals, Nancy McQuistion and JP Beato, Real Estate Center, Award of Excellence for 2005-2006 Real Estate Center Calendar
  • David Jones, Nancy McQuistion, Bob Beals, Bryan Pope, JP Beato, Kammy Baumann and Whitney Martin, Real Estate Center, Award of Achievement for Tierra Grande magazine
  • Pam Wiley, Sommer Hamilton, Matt Herzberger and Jason Zylks, Dean’s Office, 2007 best-in-category Brazos Bravo award and Award of Achievement for Maysnet intranet

— Staff Reports

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“You will need more than a degree to be financially free.” That’s the motto of the Aggie Investment Club (AIC), and the reason for this year’s Dallas Billionaire Trip—to learn the trade of the investments business.

In April, AIC members met some of the top investment heroes, such as Lee Bass, #287 on the Forbes 400 List, and David Norcom ’73 from Norcom Capital, whose $250,000 gift of support will contribute to the educational and professional development of Mays faculty. AIC’s Travel Series Director Brett Muller, a junior accounting major, enjoyed dinner with investment managers at Highland Capital Management. “It was especially interesting because we got to talk to them about their daily tasks and projects,” he says.

AIC was formed in 2000, and offers a speaker series in which students choose business topics and invite business executives to Mays. Students get hands-on experience from AIC workshops in real estate, stock analysis, entrepreneurship and corporate valuation.

The final sector of AIC is its travel series, which led members to Dallas this spring. In the past, AIC members have traveled to meet legendary Berkshire Hathaway founder Warren E. Buffet, one of the richest men in the world, and real estate pioneer Sam Zell, who owns and manages some of the most land and property in the nation.

AIC consists of more than 85 Texas A&M students from all majors and grade levels. But only 12 were given the opportunity to attend the Dallas trip. Club members had to prepare a resume to be chosen for the trip, and those who have been the most involved with AIC events and helpful to the AIC officers were most likely to be chosen.

Muller is thankful for his mentor Willie Langston ’81, co-founder and partner of Avalon Advisors LP, a wealth management firm in Houston. Muller explains, “My mentor has been extremely helpful, especially in helping me meet people in the Houston network.” Langston recently dedicated a seminar room in the Cox Graduate Business Center in honor of former longtime professor Charlie Plum.

One of AIC’s main goals is to ensure that students leave Aggieland with more than a degree but with the opportunity to meet chief investors like Langston who give the inside track on what to really expect in the investment world. To learn more about their next excursions, visit http://AIC.tamu.edu.

— Lindsay Newcomer

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It is with both excitement and sadness that I speak to you in this issue of “Deanspeak.” The excitement is that Texas A&M University Interim President Ed Davis has asked me to serve as interim executive vice president and provost. This position will provide me with a unique opportunity to work with an outstanding group of deans as we capitalize on the investments our university has made in faculty and facilities during the past five years. The sadness is that I will be leaving the best job I’ve ever held, the position of dean at Mays Business School, and the opportunity it has afforded me to work with a dedicated group of faculty, staff, students, and former students.

The good news is that our leadership team at Mays is deep and strong. Professor Ricky Griffin, executive associate dean, will assume the role of interim dean while I serve as interim provost. I have had a unique opportunity to observe, benefit, and learn from his leadership abilities and expertise during my tenure as dean. While he will formally assume his responsibilities on June 18, we will immediately begin our transition. Given our very close working relationship during the past six years, we will have a smooth and seamless transition that will allow our trajectory and progress to continue.

Ricky and I have agreed to serve in our interim positions while the search for Texas A&M University’s next president continues.

Thank you for the kindness and support you give to Mays Business School. Our remarkable progress would not have been possible without your support.

Jerry R. Strawser ’83


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