The Department of Marketing at Mays Business School will host a research workshop on February 15 that has one distinguishing feature: the presenters are all former Mays doctoral students in marketing.

“All of the presenters are accomplished scholars in the field of marketing,” said event organizer Rajan Varadarajan, associate dean for research and doctoral programs at Mays. He says this event is in the true spirit of a research workshop, defined as “a course of study for a group of people in a particular field, with a special emphasis on the learning of new developments and techniques.”

Varadarajan says the event will be an opportunity for the current marketing faculty and doctoral students to gain valuable insights from the cutting-edge research being done by these distinguished graduates. “How humbling that will be, while at same time making us all feel very proud of their accomplishments,” he said.

The topics to be discussed include timely issues such as corporate social responsibility, consumers’ information privacy related concerns in a web enabled business environment, innovation, and customer relationship management. Presenters at the Marketing Strategy and Management Research Workshop include Mays doctoral alumni who have published their research in leading refereed journals in the field of marketing, received awards for excellence in teaching and research, and hold positions such as department heads, center directors and Ph.D. program coordinators at their universities.

The timing of this workshop is significant, as some of the attendees will also be presenting their research at the 2008 American Marketing Association (AMA) Marketing Educators’ annual national conference, which will be held in Austin this year, directly following the Mays workshop.

The workshop is open to Texas A&M University faculty and graduate students. It will be held in Wehner 190 from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Friday, February 15. More details about the papers that are scheduled to be presented at the workshop can be found at