The Business Honors program at Mays Business School celebrated 21 years of excellence on January 31st. The festive gathering was a time to celebrate a milestone in the life of the program, as well as an opportunity to introduce prospective students to what Business Honors has to offer.

Business Honors celebration
Long-time Business Honors faculty member Jim Benjamin was one of several speakers that addressed the crowd

Approximately 140 attended to partake of cake and punch while learning more about the program, which selects only the top 30 percent of applicants each year. Program Director Kris Morley spoke at the event, acknowledging former directors, and thanking current faculty and staff involved with the program.

“These events are very important to the Business Honors program. The size of Texas A&M University scares some prospective students, but this kind of gathering allows students to walk away with a more personal feel,” said Morley.

The Business Honors program pairs highly motivated and talented students with top-notch faculty in smaller class sizes to facilitate discussion and greater exploration of the subject matter. In addition, students in the program participate in leadership, personal, and professional development events. They are given the opportunity learn from top business leaders, participate in visits to leading businesses, attend conferences, and complete community service projects.

Omar El-Halwagi, a freshman involved in the program, attributes his success during his first semester of college to his Business Honors courses. He is certain that he will be more than prepared to take on the real world after his experience in the Business Honors Program.

Business Honors celebration
The event also allowed prospective students to speak directly with current and former Business Honors students and staff

“The program takes care of you, gives you proper resources. I’m ahead of the game because of this fantastic program,” said El-Halwagi.

Jim Benjamin, head of the accounting department, has been teaching Business Honors courses since the program’s inception. “It really does work when you have outstanding students in a small classroom that are excited about learning and working together,” he said, noting the success of program graduates.

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