Though they aren’t former students of Texas A&M University, Aggie parents Jeff and Shana Wood feel a strong connection to the school and believe that the spirit and the product that comes out of the university deserve recognition. That’s why they decided to give $25,000 to Mays Business School to establish the Shana and Jeff Wood Honors Scholarship.

“The Woods’ generosity will have a deep impact on the lives of students at Mays,” said Dean Jerry Strawser. “It is really meaningful when people who have been impacted by this school make giving back a priority. We are thankful for friends like the Woods.”

Wood, who attended school in California, currently serves as president of Landmark Resources, Inc. in Houston, Texas. He and his wife, Shana, volunteer their time with Yellowstone Academy, a Christian elementary school, where they help students in inner city Houston. Wood is also a deacon at Second Baptist Church, and he serves on the president’s cabinet at the College of Biblical Studies. He says he strongly believes in the promise that Aggie students display when they enter the business world. “Everyone we know from Texas A&M University is a great example of integrity and honesty. We love the product that we have seen come out of Texas A&M through the academics, emphasis on moral character, and strong principles,” Wood said.

The Woods fill their weekend time with Aggie football games, as their oldest son Jeff ’09, a sports management major, holds a position on the football team. The Woods’ daughter, Elizabeth, also attends Texas A&M and is member of the class of 2011. Both children plan to finish their education at Mays Business School, as Jeff plans to pursue a master’s degree in either real estate or finance, and Elizabeth aims to focus her undergraduate education on a degree in marketing. The Woods’ youngest son will graduate from high school in 2010.

“The whole experience of Texas A&M University is a wonderful thing. It’s something that anyone would be fortunate to be a part of, and we want to use what we’ve been blessed with to help make that a reality for deserving students,” said Wood.