On a recent visit to Mays, Michael Ramke ’92 shared business advice gleaned from years of experience in start-ups and traditional companies. Currently the CEO of Intercomp Global Services, Ramke is a venture capitalist with a passion for taking the potential of a young company and growing its value.

Intercomp Global Services CEO Michael Ramke ’92 stressed the importance of sound HR policies to Mays students: “Unless you’re running a vending machine by yourself, you’re probably relying on people.” (view more photos)

Ramke shared stories about his challenges and successes in business, including difficulties with hiring and human resource management. He recommended to students that when they are in the workforce, they give due deference to HR people. “Many business leaders, especially entrepreneurs undervalue the benefit of sound HR policies and procedures and organizational development…until they personally experiences liability or setbacks,” he said. Proper hiring and training of employees is not only beneficial, it’s essential for success. “Unless you’re running a vending machine by yourself, you’re probably relying on people.”

He shared a few other key tips with students:

  • Mentors matter. Look for leaders that resonate with you and learn all you can from them.
  • Pair strong aptitude with a positive attitude and you’ll go far.
  • Learn to lead. Some people are born with strong leadership skills. If you weren’t so fortunate, take the time to practice. It can be learned.
  • Be bold with your goals. Don’t focus on all the reasons your goal is impossible. Focus on how it could be done.
  • Search for your weaknesses, then hire someone who is strong in those areas to compensate.
  • Surround yourself with talent.
  • Have fun!

Ramke holds a degree in accounting from Texas A&M, which he says was the perfect underpinning for his career as an entrepreneur. He has worked internationally in a variety of fields including accounting, mobile media, and aerospace engineering. He has spoken as an industry expert in several forums, including the NATPE Conference and Exhibition in January 2006 and the DVB World Forum in March 2005. He also serves as a source for articles in leading telecommunications and technology industry publications such as Wired, Wireless Week, RCR Wireless, Laptop Magazine, EE Times and many others. He has been with Intercomp since 2007.