Aggies are traditionally known for their hard work, integrity, enthusiasm, and dedication. It comes as no surprise, then, that when Newfield Exploration Company seeks new members to add to its dynamic team of professionals, they come here first.

“We have a long and proud association with Texas A&M,” Lee Boothby proudly asserted.

Recently named CEO of the crude oil and natural gas exploration company, Boothby offered this explanation as one of the many reasons why Aggies permeate the company at all levels today. More than a quarter of the Newfield executive leadership team boasts Aggie roots, and this proves testament to the long-standing relationship the company has with the school. Newfield Exploration has, among other gifts to Texas A&M, participated in funding the Joe Foster ’56 Chair in Business Leadership which supports scholarly research examining the multiple facets of business leadership.

“Tradition and values both play a strong role in business,” Newfield Exploration Company CEO Lee Boothby told a room full of Aggie MBA students. “It’s more than just numbers.” (view more photos)

“Tradition and values both play a strong role in business,” Boothby states. “It’s more than just numbers.”

Founded in 1988, Newfield Exploration Company has experienced growth in recent years. As part of their active intern and recruiting program, Boothby recently visited with Mays MBA students and shared the story of his own success. After finding himself on an unhappy career path, Boothby heeded the advice of his friends and accepted a job offer with Newfield. In 1999, he boarded a plane for Australia and began serving as managing director for the company overseas.

“Nothing happens until you start,” Boothby explained.

He urged MBA students to seek jobs where they are allowed to invest themselves in a passion, where they can truly make a difference. This is the easiest way to ensure that fledgling business associates can avoid winding up in the same “furnished rut” in which Boothby found himself stuck.

“We really seek a culture here at Newfield,” he said, explaining that the employee profile is like-minded yet culturally diverse, and that the company prides itself on its ability to recognize leadership potential in each of its employees.

The greatest asset many of the members of Newfield Exploration Company possess is the ability to express this potential without the explicit title of authority. “If you make the people around you better, you’re a leader,” Boothby asserted.