Financial Times rankingsThe Full-Time MBA program at Mays Business School at Texas A&M University is ranked #7 among U.S. public universities in the 2012 Financial Times rankings. This is the third straight year the program has ranked in the top 10 among public programs by Financial Times.

The Texas A&M Full-Time MBA placed at #51 overall in the world (down from #44 last year) and at #24 among U.S. programs (down from #21 last year). Since 2007, the Mays program has risen 34 places in the Financial Times MBA ranking.

The program remains ranked as #1 in “Value for the Money” among U.S.-based programs, and moved up 4 places to #4 among all programs globally in the category. This designation indicates Mays graduates recover the cost of their degrees with post-graduation salary increases faster than graduates of any other public U.S. programs. The program has ranked #1 in this category for the past three Financial Times rankings.

In other categories, the Mays program is:

  • Ranked 2nd among U.S. public schools and tied for 7th among U.S. schools in “Employment at Three Months”
  • Ranked 1st among U.S. public schools and 6th among U.S. schools in “Aims Achieved” (defined as: The extent to which alumni fulfilled their most important goals or reasons for undertaking an MBA)
  • Ranked 2nd among U.S. and U.S. public schools in “Salary Percentage Increase” (defined as: The percentage increase in average alumni salary from before the MBA to today as a percentage of the pre-MBA salary)

Kelli Kilpatrick, director of the MBA program at Texas A&M, says the ranking places Mays among the most elite MBA programs in the world — “a tremendous accomplishment and, in my view, well-deserved recognition for our program.” The Full-Time MBA program broke into the Financial Times‘ top 10 U.S. public programs in 2010.

Kilpatrick says this acknowledgement reflects Mays Business School’s dedication to excellence. “Our success in this ranking indicates the quality of our students and faculty. We strive to recruit the very best students and provide them with a high-quality experience, both inside and outside the classroom.”

“We are committed to ensuring our MBA students leave with the skills and abilities needed to be successful business leaders and manage their careers for a lifetime. The success of our graduates reflects well on our program, which helps us continue the cycle of producing high quality business leaders,” Kilpatrick explained.

For more information, contact Kelli Kilpatrick at or (979) 845-4714.