Have an idea for the “next big thing”? The Ideas Challenge soon will be spotlighting students’ innovative business ideas.

Ideas Challenge

The deadline to submit entries is 5 p.m. Friday. The competition will be May 2.

The Ideas Challenge, hosted by the Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship (CNVE) is open to Texas A&M students of all majors, undergraduate and graduate classifications. Cash prizes and $8,000 in cash prizes is available for winning ideas.

The challenge cultivates Texas A&M’s collective entrepreneurial spirit, challenging Aggies of all majors and classifications to contribute their ideas. According to the CNVE website, the Ideas Challenge “helps students think in an entrepreneurial way and develop the competencies needed to identify and successfully implement new business ideas throughout their careers.”

Students are welcome to participate in the competition individually or in groups. Idea submissions and competition entry are free, but require creative and careful planning to persuasively express original ideas.

In previous years, hundreds of Aggies have participated in the Ideas Challenge, submitting proposed products and services ranging from folding bikes to hostels in Austin.

For more information on the Ideas Challenge, visit cnve.tamu.edu/ideas/.

Also open to all students, faculty, staff and the community is CNVE’s “Start-Up 101″—a three-night workshop series (April 3, 10, 17) for those interested in running their own businesses. Established entrepreneurs and business professionals educate attendees on how to transform an idea into a successful operating business.

Registration for Start-Up 101 ($50) is currently open. For more information, visit cnve.tamu.edu/startup101/.