Stephen McDaniel, a marketing professor and director of the Study Abroad Program in Marketing and director of the Master of Science in Marketing program, was recognized with a Bush Award for Faculty in International Teaching.

Stephen McDaniel

McDaniel has taught at the university for 31 years. Rajan Varadarajan, head of the marketing department at Mays, said McDaniel has made valuable contributions in advancing the international business education mission of Texas A&M. For the past six years, he has taught courses with an international focus: Marketing Study Abroad and International Market Entry Strategies.

“His passion and commitment to offer our students the very best educational experience in international marketing is legendary,” Varadarajan says. “What makes the international marketing courses taught by Steve unique and valuable learning experiences is the fact they expose our students to and help them develop an understanding and appreciation of different cultures, market environments, workplace environments and living environments of people living in a number of western European nations.”

McDaniel will receive a cash award from the George Bush Presidential Library Foundation and be recognized at the dinner of the spring International Board Meeting.

Some students who were enrolled in McDaniel’s course remain enthusiastic about what they learned in the international marketing courses.

“Throughout this journey I learned priceless lessons about international business, but equally as important, I learned valuable lessons about myself,” said Lindsay Shanahan.

Lauren Machol said the Marketing Study Abroad trip made an enormous impact on her life. “I learned more in the month we were overseas than I have in one semester,” she said.

And Ryan Garrett said his trip was “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience unique cultures, unique business practices and unique people.”