Mays Outstanding Alumni Dan Allen Hughes, Jr. '80, Tony R. Weber '84 and Randy Cain '82
Mays Outstanding Alumni Dan Allen Hughes, Jr. ’80, Tony R. Weber ’84 and Randy Cain ’82
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Dan Allen Hughes, Jr. ’80, Randy Cain ’82 and Tony R. Weber ’84 were recognized for their contributions to Mays in particular and to Texas A&M University in general. “As I thought of these three, one word kept coming to mind: integrity,” observed Mays Dean Jerry Strawser. “They did business well and they did business right. They are fine examples to us all.”

Kathryn Sykes ’13, a Business Honors and accounting major, said what stood out to her was how each honoree mentioned Texas A&M’s core values during his speech. “The Outstanding Alumni each mentioned how these values shaped them while in school in striving for excellence and also in their working life, through demonstrating leadership, loyalty and integrity in their careers and family lives,” she said. “I learned how Mays Business School has improved its reputation greatly within the last 30 years through the quality of its graduates, and it was motivating for me to realize how we continue to mold that reputation as we graduate and begin our careers.  I look forward to being able to give back to the school that has given me so much.”

Hughes said the Aggie Core Values and his dad’s advice still guide his choices. “I called my dad one time during my freshman year and said, “I need to drop out, get an apartment and quit messing with this Corps stuff.’ He was silent a long time, then he said, “Son, you’re an adult. You have to make decisions. If you decide to quit now, it will be easier the next time, then easier the time after that.’ So basically he told me if I quit the Corps I may be a quitter all my life. I have always thought of that when making decisions in my life.”

Cain helped blaze a trail for Texas A&M students when he started his first job at Ernst & Whinney. Now his company, renamed Ernst & Young, has a long record of recruiting and promoting Aggies. Cain credits the impact of former Dean Benton Cocanougher (dean from 1987 to 2001), accounting Department Head James Benjamin and current Dean Jerry Strawser. He said he believes in doing the right thing, no matter what everyone else is doing. “Keep doing what you’re doing and that will benefit the business world, and the world in general.”

Weber was in the inaugural class of the Fellows professional development program for A&M business students. Now he and his wife host recruiting and welcoming receptions at their home for promising students. Weber credits his father for teaching him core values from a young age, and his mother – a cheerleader in high school and college — for supporting her two boys their whole lives. “I see that kind of excitement here at the business school. We all love this school and it works because we give back to help others succeed. That brings the value of our brand up.”

Meg Maedgen ’13, a Business Honors and accounting major, said it was inspiring to be able to talk with and learn from numerous outstanding former students at the banquet. “I left with lots of hope for my future and a strong desire to continue finding my own journey, which I hope will one day lead to being able to give back to the university as these alumni do,” she said.

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